”It was an excellent workshop, well structured and helpful, for anyone who wants to deepen in PM2 Methodology. The instructor, Mr Athanasios Fourtounas, was very supportive and his constant guidance and communication skills, were some of the critical success factors of the course resulting the development of my professional skills.”

Vasileios Kazoukas, Fire Warrant Officer

I would like to thank Human Asset & Mr. Athanasios Fourtounas for providing outstanding and well structured e-learning sessions, with real world experience and its application in real life projects. I had the chance through the live video sessions and the online access on the Human Asset platform to understand in deep all the relevant subjects. For those who live and work in Switzerland, PM2 tends to be the Hermes project management methodology of Europe.

The PM2 course was exceptionally planned, and the trainer, Athanasios Fourtounas has provided frequent examples, as well as practical experience

I highly recommend Human Asset’s PM2 Preparation Seminar as instructed by Mr. Athanasios Fourtounas.”

Nikolaos Tsilkos, Civil Engineer Msc, RMP, Switzerland

“Το σεμινάριο πάνω στην PM2 Methodology αποτέλεσε για μένα μια υπέρβαση από το θεωρητικό πλαίσιο του τυπικού μαθήματος Project Management, στο πλαίσιο μεταπτυχιακών σπουδών, στον πραγματικό κόσμο της σύλληψης ενός project και όλων των ενεργειών οργάνωσης και καταμερισμού εργασιών, μέχρι την ολοκλήρωσή του. Θεωρώ ότι έδωσε την απαραίτητη κατάρτιση στους συμμετέχοντες τόσο για την πιστοποίηση όσο και για κάθε μελλοντική χρήση.

Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλε Θανάση.”

Georgios Papoutsis, MSc, Officer at Hellenic Armed forces

“This course is well-structured, organised and it features a variety of interactive and interesting content including case studies and activities all related to PM2 methodology. Mr Athanasios Fourtounas is a professional with broad knowledge and experience who uses appropriate real-life examples to re-emphasize understanding.

As a Project Manager myself and having experience in developing and delivering projects in the engineering sector, I would highly recommend this course. It has offered me with practical tools and techniques which I was able to use and put into action immediately. I strongly recommend this high-quality course to all professionals who want to learn the PM2 Methodology and continue with their professional development.”

Ms Iliana Malatra BEng, MSc, MIET, PMP-RMP, Project Manager, United Kingdom

“A great thanks to the instructor of PM2 course Athanasios Fourtounas for his impeccable delivery of the subject. The material of the course is very interesting. But it’s also hefty, and one must make sure that he or she will have a window of time every week to study and complete the workshops. But thanks to Thanasis the course is vivid and meaningful.

Once more, thank you Thanasis”

Dr. Evangelos Astreinidis, PhD, MSc,, Senior Infrastructure Engineer – Hill International – Greece

“I would like to thank Mr. A. Fourtounas for his professionalism and his ability to deliver the necessary knowledge with a friendly and easy way. Regarding the program, its highly organized, always giving priority to the trainees and their needs.”

Andreas Lysafidis Bs, Ms, MBA, certified negotiator, Entrepreneur and digital marketer

“First of all, I would like to thank Mr Athanasios Fourtounas for giving me the opportunity to be included in the group.

A very well organized and very professional seminar. I really enjoyed the course and highly recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to learn the PM2.”

Georgia Tosiou, Service Support Agent – External Support Service, JRC, EC, Italy

“Η όλη προσέγγιση του θέματος από τον εκπαιδευτή κ. Αθανάσιο Φουρτούνα, βοήθησε στην κατανόηση του αντικειμένου πολύ γρήγορα. Η διάδραση και η προθυμία για επίλυση αποριών αποτελεί καταλυτικό στοιχείο στο πρόγραμμα. Το εφόδιο που αποκτήσαμε πιστεύω θα δώσει πολλές ευκαιρίες καριέρας στον καθένα μας. “

Κωνσταντίνα Αχιλλέως – Εκπαιδευτής Επαγγελματικής Κατάρτησης ΑνΑδ, Κύπρος

“I had the opportunity to be instructed by Athanasios Fourtounas For PM2 Methodology.

His approach and attitude was friendly and professional at the same time.

His learning tools gave me the ability to take a deep knowledge over realistic applications of Project Management.

Anytime I had a query, he was there to show me the way.

Highly recommended, on how a trainer and a coach should act.”

Georgios Nerantzis, PMP, MLRS M270 Technician, Hellenic Army, Greece

“I highly recommend the “PM2 – Project Management Methodology” Seminar provided by Human Asset to all project management professionals, as the particular seminar is very well-structured and comprehensive. The provided educational material was more than adequate, containing many examples that explained all fundamental methodological concepts. Many special thanks to the instructor, Mr. Athanasios Fourtounas for the provided training and support. Mr. Fourtounas demonstrated unique technical, organizational and teaching skills during this seminar, as he is a very professional, diligent and enthusiastic tutor, always helpful and willing to respond promptly and efficiently to every question or matter that arises. Thank you very much, Thanasis!”

OURANIA MAVRANTZA, Dr. Eng. in Surveying Engineering, PMI-RMP, Chief of Department of Change and Enterprise Risk Management, Hellenic Cadastre, Greece

” A well-structured and highly recommended seminar for any professional, involved in project management. PM2 Methodology provides an overall and structured approach to project management. The instructor Mr. Fourtounas combines technical, organizational and communication skills and makes understanding and studying easier for us. I would highly recommend this specific seminar to all professionals working in project management field.”

Georgios Kontokostas, Project Manager, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer, MSc, PMP, PMI-RMP, Germany

” I would like to thank Mr. Athanasios Fourtounas for delivering PM2 Preparation Seminar with enthusiasm and professionalism. Mr. Fourtounas was very well organized and made the material interesting and easier to learn explaining difficult concepts in a way most people could understand as he is very knowledgeable of Project Management methodologies.

 I found him to be a great instructor as he presents new material clearly and logically and models, demonstrates and provides effective examples. I liked also that he clearly cared about the students success and involvement. He built strong, positive relationships with participants using discretion in handling confidential information.

 I highly recommend Human Asset’s PM2 Preparation Seminar as instructed by Mr. Athanasios Fourtounas.”

Spyridon Skevas, Msc, PMP, Technical Officer, NSPA, Luxembourg

” The PM2 course was exceptionally planned, and the trainer, Athanasios Fourtounas has provided frequent examples, as well as practical experience. The resources provided are more than adequate, and even though long distance, I had the opportunity to learn with a variety of fellow students. Due to the various backgrounds we have had a lot of different questions, which the trainer happily provided solutions for. Thank you for the training.”

Demetris Messios, ACA, Cyprus


” Engaging tutor presenting excellent course that is well written and disseminated. Athanasios Fourtounas is extremely knowledgeable and engaging. Real world knowledge and practical guidance. I really enjoyed the course PM2 and really looking forward to my next course.”

Dr. Despina Elisabeth Filippidou (M.Sc., Ph.D), IT Senior Engineer, Greece

” Without prior knowledge or experience on Project Management and more specific in PM 2, I had the chance through the live video sessions and the online access on the Human Asset platform to understand in deep all the relevant subjects. The studying and preparation material for the exams, along with the case study workshop gave me a unique insight in the Project Management domain. It is a well-structured and flexibly organized seminar, which helps the attendant to understand the basic concepts of project management and simultaneously to get prepared for the PM 2 essentials certification exams. The seminar’s instructor Mr. Athanasios Fourtounas, has a vast experience in this field, giving realistic examples during the training sessions for better understanding of the subject, which inspires the attendees to comprehend all and every aspect of Project Management.”

Konstantinos B., Logistics Army Officer, PhD Chemical Engineer, PMI-RMP

” I came across this course after a friend’s suggestion, mainly to improve my project management skills and familiarize with this fresh EU approach. I have to admit that after many years experience with developing and delivering projects in various sectors, PM2 proved to be extremely useful and filled gaps that I haven’t realized so far. The methodology is so smooth and user friendly that makes the entire process a lot easier to handle and much more consolidated. The best part of the entire experience was the quality of the course which is really impressive.

 Very well organized with tons of useful study material and continuous support by a great instructor, Mr. Fourtounas Athanasios, who was always there to guide us throughout the course. Human Asset platform meets every student’s requirement and proves that e-learning can really be an exciting and flawless experience. Last but not least I have to highlight the price which in a few words is just the best value for your money! Many thanks and much appreciation for what you offer! Looking forward to the next one!”

Isidoros Monogioudis, Msc, GIAC, OSCP, Information Security Director, United Kingdom

” First of all, I would like to thank Human Asset for giving me the opportunity to be included in the first group of people, who would familiarize themselves with the PM2. A new journey of knowledge has begun, the third in a row-after PMP® and PMP-RMP®-and who would guide you better than those you trust. You expect nothing less than the perception of the appropriate mindsets, the structured and comprehensive study material, the workshop, the full study support, and of course, this is what you get. Our guide, our trainer, Mr. Fourtounas, always fully prepared and ready to provide the necessary assets to reach our destination successfully. Thank you, Mr Thanasis Fourtounas! Thank you, Human Asset!”

Evdoxia Kalaitzidou, Public Servant, Msc, PMP®

” Θα ήθελα να ευχαριστήσω πρωτίστως τον Θανάση για αυτό το υπέροχο εργαλείο γνώσης που μας μετέφερε με πλήρη σαφήνεια και όρεξη.

Για το PM2 θα ήθελα να πω ότι είναι ένα πολύ χρήσιμο εργαλείο διαχείρισης με απλή ορολογία και λειτουργικότητα σε όλους τους τομείς. Το συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα σε όποιον θέλει να ακολουθήσει το μονοπάτι του management.”

Timoleon Marasidis  , Civil Engineer, PMP®, PMI-RMP® , MCP

” It was an extremely structured program presented by a trainer with a deep knowledge of the PM2. Athanasios combines analytical and critical thinking and he is always willing to answer any question. In this journey, I mostly enjoyed the class interaction and the pace of the course although it was online. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to learn the PM2 in order to run projects in a complex business world. It was a great pleasure for me to participate in this workshop of Human Asset”

Ioannis Filippopoulos, PhD, MBA, MSc in IT, Director of Informatics and Engineering Division, Hellenic American College