Coaching in Business English – Specific

  • Robert Harris

    Robert Harris is a Certified Professional Trainer with nineteen years’ experience coaching and training non-native English speakers. He has spent most of his professional life outside his native UK, gaining insight into and learning to work effectively in culturally diverse...

About the course:

Using the ADDIE model for instructional design and in consultation with Human Resources and other interested parties we design a course that is relevant, functional and related to the company’s needs and objectives. Job-/department-specific language skills are developed facilitating participants in working and communicating more effectively in their business environment. Furthermore through the integration of material related to the company and the specific department we ensure course authenticity.

Who for:

Business professionals who want to improve the level of English in specific areas of the organization.

Required Level:

Intermediate and above.

 Course objectives:

By the end of the course participants will have improved:

  • oral fluency in business situations related to their work
  • their range of work related vocabulary
  • pronunciation
  • their level of confidence in speaking English

The Communicative Approach to Business English.

Most students say during the interview phase of the needs analysis that they find speaking English the most challenging.

The primary goal of most Business English learners is to be able to speak and convey the message they want without misunderstanding (a misunderstanding can be embarrassing as well as costly). For this reason the majority of learners prefer to focus on improving their speaking skills, as especially when communicating with non-native speakers, getting the message across is more important than strict adherence to grammatical accuracy.

Another very good reason the focus is on spoken English is that when we’re “talking business’ in English there is no time to ask for help from our colleagues or friends, unlike written communication where

  • the assistance of a colleague can be requested
  • the enormous resources on the internet can be accessed.

The Communicative Approach to Business English focuses on:

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Enhancing confidence
  • Increasing oral fluency and range of vocabulary
  • Communicating the message