Prepare for your Successful Interview in English

Online coaching in Business English

Coaching (for non-native speakers) suitable for professionals who are looking for new challenges abroad and who want to be fully prepared for the all-important interview phase.

Our work together will provide us with opportunities to practice answering questions, explore ideas and strategies and, above all, for you to attain the confidence to ensure you are fully and professionally prepared for the big event.

A job advertisement for a position you are interested in or hypothetically could be interested in will form the foundation of the coaching sessions and, as a result, ensure authenticity.

2-4 one hour sessions are usually sufficient for you to feel confident and ready for your interview (this can be discussed during our free meet your coach session).

The coaching sessions objectives are to:
  • Develop effective interview techniques
  • Tangibly improve your performance during interviews
  • Match skills and competencies with Job requirements
  • Identify the types of questions you will be asked in an interview
  • Develop appropriate work experience examples for maximum impact
  • Use nonverbal communication appropriately and effectively
  • Identify cultural considerations in an interview
  • Avoid interview traps and mistakes
  • Effectively develop pre-interview strategy
  • Effectively develop post-interview strategy
  • Adapt to various behavioural styles DISC
  • Learn how to use the STAR Technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result)
Coaching Philosophy

The Coaching Philosophy is to ‘Learn by doing’, using Experiential Learning Techniques.

Free meet your coach on Skype

The free meet your coach and assessment session on Skype ( approximately 15 minutes) gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs and decide whether your coach is the right person to provide you with the tools and confidence for a successful job interview.

Please click here to get in touch with us to arrange your “Free meet your Coach on Skype” session.