Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)  – ViPiA II

vipia.netVirtual Pre-Incubator Accelerator ViPiA II

ViPiA II aimed

* To encourage entrepreneurship and innovation through the provision of professional business training)  and advisory services for students, graduates, people at research and education agencies and inventors (1st October 2008 – 30th  September 2010 )
* To encourage entrepreneurship and innovation through the provision of business training, a virtual learning network and mentoring start-ups.
* To create better opportunities for easy and low cost access to continuous professional training and advisory services
* To develop a new specialized training system based on knowledge and good-practices in the management of high-tech business.
* To facilitate admission to incubation programs by using the online sessions, visiting schemes to business incubators, individually designed courses and other didactic materials to cover the needs or training of their staff and/or tenants and start-up enterprises in the technology sector

Our Tasks were:

* E-learning platform and e-Learning Training Material with the form of Learning Objects (SCORM) was implemented

Also Competency –Based Psychometric tests were in included to assess the competencies of the would-be entrepreneurs.